UNI Global Union’s Argentine affiliate, La Bancaria, has signed an agreement with Banco de la Nación establishing a job quota for transgender people in the financial sector.

The agreement stipulates that the quota “may not be less than 1% of the total staff of the Banco de la Nación” and its purpose is to implement specific measures aimed at repairing the exclusion and structural discrimination suffered by this social group in the past.

In a joint statement, both organizations declared that they seek to “contribute to the construction of a better and fairer society for all citizens, seeking to favour the inclusion of neglected sectors and committed to recognizing and repairing the historical social debt with this group.”

Sergio Palazzo, General Secretary of La Bancaria and President of UNI Américas Finanzas, added:

“It is the first bank in the world to sign an agreement of this kind. I have to add that this would not be possible if it were not supported by a policy of inclusion by the national Government. The agreement has a very high ideological content – it is not limited to the quota, it talks of a campaign of awareness and sensitization, and training professionals – this seems to me like the right path.”